A quick trip to the grocery store, commuting to work, or a mini vacation in the hills never seemed easier until the electric trike paved its way into the automotive industry. The versatility and numerous benefits of the electric trike have made it a popular mode of transportation in recent years. Ever since the rise in the popularity of the electric trike, many automotive brands have introduced their version of the electric trike. Addmotor is a well-known brand that produces and sells high-quality electric trikes. It has launched various models of the electric trike, and each of them is unique in its way.

Addmotor introduced its Grandtan series in 2011, and it instantly became the hot-selling series, with Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike being the top-selling model of the series till now. Its updated features and components that provide comfortability, stability, and convenience during the ride make it the top-selling model. But it doesn’t end here as Addmotor decided to update their top-selling model with more advanced features to provide the ultimate experience to the riders. So Addmotor has recently launched the M-340T mid-drive electric trike, which is the updated version of the top-selling Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike. The newly launched M-340T mid-drive electric trike has many advanced features that provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience. So let’s explore the top features of the Addmotor M-340T mid-drive electric trike and decide if it will be their next top-selling model of the electric trike.

Mid-drive electric motor

The top feature of the Addmotor M-340T electric trike that makes it unique from other Addmotor electric trike models is its mid-drive electric motor. The previous models of Addmotor electric trike models are equipped with a front-mounted hub motor, but the engineers at Addmotor experimented with how they could improve the riding experience with the electric motor and found the mid-drive electric motor to be more efficient. The mid-drive electric motor is known to have better performance as it provides more power and torque than hub motors. It provides power through the drivetrain to the cranks and not directly to the wheels, and makes pedaling easier, thus requiring less effort. You can easily ride up the hills, mountains, or rough terrains on Addmotor M-340T mid-drive electric trike. Not only this, but the mid-drive electric motor also keeps the electric trike in a balanced state as it is placed close to the center of gravity of the electric trike, and due to its placement in the center, the weight of the electric trike is well distributed and thus provides balanced and stable state during the ride.


Another top and unique feature of the Addmotor M-340T mid-drive electric trike is the presence of a differential at the rear wheels. Riders often complain about the struggle while turning the electric trike through corners or narrow streets, as they fear that the electric trike may trip off. The electric trike has a solid axle at the rear wheels that connects the two wheels, and both wheels are obliged to rotate at the same speed. It is all fine when riding the electric trike in the same direction, but becomes problematic when you have to turn the electric trike as the outside wheel, which covers more diameter, slips while turning. In such cases, a differential is a gear placed that transmits power to both wheels but allows both wheels to rotate at different speeds. The differential allows the outside wheel to rotate quickly, thus providing a safer and more comfortable riding experience even while making the turns. So with M-340T fat tire electric trike, making turns through narrow spaces won’t be a struggle anymore.

Parking brakes

The next component that got updated from the Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike is the brakes of the electric trike. The newly launched M-340T mid-drive electric trike also has the Tektro mechanical disc brake system with a motor cutoff sensor like the Grandtan M-340. What makes the M-340T mid-drive electric trike different are the new parking brakes. The parking brake lets you park the electric trike anywhere you want without the fear of it moving from its place. You can park it on slopes or inclined surfaces such as hills using the parking brake feature, and it won’t roll away from that place. You can enjoy your time with your friends without constantly keeping an eye on the electric trike. This feature was missing in the Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike but is now present in its updated version.

Wooden footrest board

Like the top-selling Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike, the new upgraded M-340T fat tire electric trike is also designed to provide optimum comfort to the riders. It comes with a wooden footrest board to allow the riders to conveniently get on and off the electric trike by using it as a support. It also helps the riders rest their feet when tired after riding the electric trike for long hours, or when using the throttle mode. The wooden footrest board is present for a relaxed and comfortable riding experience.

High capacity battery

Similar to the other models of the Addmotor electric trike, the M-340T mid-drive electric trike is equipped with a lithium-ion Samsung battery. The 48V*20 Ah high-capacity battery provides a long range of 40-85 miles on a single charge. You can commute to work, go grocery shopping, or simply travel around the city without worrying about recharging the battery of the electric trike on the way.

Fat tires

Addmotor M-340T is a fat tire electric trike, which means it has 4-inch wide front and rear tires. The wide tires allow you to ride the electric trike smoothly on all kinds of terrains due to their firm grip and large contact surface. The wide tires of the M-340T fat tire electric trike also allow a smooth and comfortable ride as they have a large shock-absorbing capacity, resulting in a bump-free riding experience even on uneven terrains. The fat tires also don’t let sharp objects penetrate them easily and are puncture-resistant.    

 There may be various electric trikes available in the market, but not all of them provide the same riding experience. But a trusted name in the field of electric trikes like Addmotor never disappoints customers instead keeps on improvising to provide the best quality and updated versions of the electric trike. So just like that Addmotor M-340T fat tire electric trike is also Addmotor’s latest model made to cater to the riders to the fullest in terms of comfort, safety, and convenience. It can be the best choice for all the new and experienced riders looking for the latest model of an electric trike.


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